The mission of United Way of Walworth County is to unite communities, increase and focus resources, and inspire people to improve lives in Walworth County, Wisconsin.


UWWC is here to help meet the health, education, and financial stability needs of residents in Walworth County through voluntary and cooperative efforts.


Respect, integrity, commitment, compassion, stewardship, partnership, service-orientation.

The components of the United Way’s brandmark – the rainbow of hope, the hand of support, and the person as a symbol of humanity – communicate the important United Way brand characteristics: caring; inspiring; trustworthy; and approachable.

How We Help

We achieve our mission by fundraising and supporting over 40 programs and services throughout Walworth County contributing to good health, a quality education and financial stability for everyone.

Walworth County charitable agencies submit funding requests annually. Grants are awarded in January and July.

Additionally, we bring programs like CALL 2-1-1, an emergency resource helpline, and SingleCare, a free prescription savings card. 

Most importantly, we look for every opportunity to unite the agencies we support and the communities we serve.

Join the fight to LIVE UNITED!