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Since being introduced through the United Way of Walworth County residents thousands of dollars!

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United Way of Walworth County has partnered with SingleCare to distribute prescription discount cards free-of-charge to everyone in Walworth County. These cards can be used by the whole family and is for people with no insurance, or for medicine not covered by insurance, Medicare or other benefit plans. The FamilyWize Prescription Discount card can immediately lower the cost of medicine by an average of 30%.

It’s Easy To Use the SingleCare Card

There are no age or income restrictions, no limit on how many times you can use it, and no waiting period or registration. Anyone in your family, your work, your church or your neighborhood can use it. You can even use it if you have health insurance, both during deductible periods and for anything your insurance does not pay for. You will save an average of 8 times out of 10 over the pharmacy’s retail price.

You’ll Always Get the Lowest Price

Your cost will be the discount price with the SingleCare card or the pharmacy’s usual and customary retail price, whichever is lower. You are responsible for the entire payment of the prescription medicine purchased after any discounts are applied. The SingleCare card cannot lower the co-pay for medicine covered by insurance.

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